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I’ve had a few confused readers ask questions about the timeline of the story. This doesn’t shock me in the slightest; I totally understand that the multiple timelines jumping all over the place isn’t exactly easy to follow.

Anyways, I wrote this basic timeline that should hopefully help make understanding the story easier. I will try to keep it updated.

SPOILER WARNING: I would highly suggest that you only read this if you are up to date with the story. If you read this without reading the story first, you will ruin the whole thing for yourself.

December 1988

Chapter 6: A very Merry Christmas

  • Christmas special

December 1990

Chapter 4: Caged

  • The twins are living in their cages in the kidnappers’ house and we witness some of the abuse the boys are subject to.
  • We are introduced to Chase and Miles for the first time.
  • Then Chase breaks into the house and finds the two twins. However, he has to make a quick escape when the kidnappers come back home.

Chapter 5: Chase’s Choices

  • Chase managed to escape and get back to his house and we find out a little more about his poor living conditions.
  • Chase goes to Mile’s house and we meet Mile’s two young brothers, Oliver and Jacob, and their mum, Elaine, who is protective of Chase and makes sure he is well fed as she knows he doesn’t have a great home life.
  • Chase tells miles about the twins he saw the night before and they start to formulate a plan to save them.
  • Chase gets home and finds his mother at home for a change. She is comatose with a needle sticking out of her arm.

Chapter 7: The Rescue

  • Chase attempts the rescue at the kidnappers’ house. The two men enter the property as Chase’s best friend, Miles can only watch hopelessly. This chapter ends in a cliff-hanger.

Chapter 11: Three In The Bag

  • Shit goes down at the kidnappers’ house as we pick up with Chase’s rescue attempt.  

Chapter 12: What Now

  • Dylan is shipped off to his new foster home in Manchester.

Chapter 13: Anger Management

  • Dylan escapes from his foster home and goes to be alone on the park for a while. That’s when he meets Michael.

February 1991

Chapter 13: Anger Management (Still)

  • We find out that Dylan and Michael have become close friends over the past month or so.

April 1991

Chapter 13: Anger Management (Still)

  • Michael tells his foster parents about what Dylan is going through at his foster home.

Chapter 14: Investigation

  • (Wednesday 3rd) Child Protective Services investigate the Ainsworth family and remove Dylan from the home while the investigation happens. He ends up staying with Michael and his family for a while.
  • (Friday 5th)Then Cole catches Chase staring at the new boy, Oscar in the showers after football practice. Cole then makes Chase go and ask him for a date at the weekend.

Chapter 8: Boyfriends

  • (Saturday 6th) It’s Cole’s birthday. Chase and Oscar have their date round at Oscars house and have some fun. Hunter tries to kiss Cole and it doesn’t go down too well. Eventually, they make up and end up being boyfriends… So does Chase and Oscar.

May 1991

  • Dylan moves in with the Berrycloth family.

Chapter 1: The Berrycloths

  • Dylan has been living with his new family for 2 weeks now. Dylan and Dominic have become very close.

Chapter 2: Doughnuts

  • Dylan and Dominic go over to Dom’s best friend, Nathan’s house.

Chapter 3: Puppies!

  • Hunter and Cole go to the Cinema with Cole’s dad.
  • Dylan’s new social worker, Hazel, gets ready to meet Dylan for the first time.
  • Dylan and Dominic go round to Tyler’s house to see his new puppies. Dylan sees the cage that the puppies are in and he relives the trauma from December 1990. Mr Berrycloth picks the boys up from Tyler’s house and take them home.
  • On the way home from Cole’s house after they get back from the cinema, Hunter gets kidnapped.

Chapter 4: Caged

  • Hazel is waiting to see Dylan by the time Mr Berrycloth brings the boys back from Tyler’s house. She tries her best to start building a bond with the young traumatised boy.
  • Dylan tells Dominic about what happened in December 1990 and what happened to his twin brother, Declan.

Chapter 5: Chase’s Choices

  • Dylan and Dominic express their love and lust for one another.
  • And Dylan then has his first day at school. When he walks into the classroom he sees a familiar face.

Chapter 7: The Rescue

  • Continues from the end of chapter 5, where we find out that the familiar face is Chase, who had rescued him from the kidnappers house about 5 moths prior, in December 1990.
  • We catch up with Hunter, to find that he is also living in a cage and being abused, much like Dylan and Declan were.
  • We follow Dylan around at his first day at his new school as Chase introduces him to his friends.
  • We also find out that Cole is terribly depressed and missing his lover Hunter.
  • Dominic gets a little jealous when he see Chase kissing Dylan after school.

Chapter 9: Cuddle Buddies

  • Chase goes round to Cole’s house to see how his friend is doing and to cheer him up.
  • Dylan and Dominic’s Play house is finally delivered and built.
  • We find out that Hunter is starting to actually enjoy some of the sexual abuse he is subjected to. We also meet Danny for the first time.
  • Chase stays at Cole’s house to keep him company and they get kinda close.
  • On Dylan’s second day of school, Dylan asked Chase if he wants to come to see the new playhouse after school, to which he agrees.

Chapter 10: In The Playhouse

  • Dylan, Dominic, and Chase have fun in the new playhouse.
  • Cole starts to feel stronger feelings for Chase.
  • Chase stays another night at Coles house.
  • Hunter get’s badly beaten by a client. Danny finds him and vows to get the boy out of there.

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