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Dylan and Dominic's New Playhouse
Dylan and Dominic’s New Playhouse

Unsurprisingly, two of our cast members become cuddle buddies.

Dylan And Dominic’s new playhouse gets delivered and built. It wildly outweighs any expectations that either boy had and they already have plans to put their new personal space to some good use.

We check in with Hunter and Cole again to find out how they are really doing. However, things aren’t going quite the way we would have expected. However, Cole finds someone to confide in and who could raise his spirits. That is until something unexpected happens that takes them by surprise. After talking about what happened, relationships seem to evolve into something rather unexpected.

Quiet little Dylan has a loud outburst when something he loves gets challenged. This, of course, is a huge shock to the people around him who know him as a quiet and submissive boy.

We also find out that Chase’s and Oscar’s relationship requires some additional explanation as we catch up with the main timeline of the story.

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Read Chapter 9: Cuddle Buddies [AO3]

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