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Cole's 10th Birthday Cake
Cole’s 10th Birthday Cake

It is Cole’s 10th birthday. Hunter and his mother, Elizabeth have gone round to Cole and Gordon’s house to spend the day with the birthday boy.

Elizabeth has baked Cole one of her amazing cakes and Hunter had a few gifts of his own for his best friend. However, one of the gifts isn’t received as graciously as he would have hoped.

The learn a little more about the two best friend’s time growing up together and realise that everything isn’t as awesome as it may have once seemed. Along with that, we also learn some more about Gordon and Elizabeth’s relationship with one another, which seems somewhat closer that we may have first expected. Perhaps they are a little closer than we may have originally thought.

Chase has a date with a cute boy who he quickly becomes head over heals for. But does the boy he is meeting feel the same way. Furthermore, what does his date’s parent’s think about it? After all, it’s not like Chase’s absent parents are going to have anything to say about him going on a date. It’s been well over a week since he has seen either of them.

See how Cole’s birthday and Chase’s mystery date turns out here:

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