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Chapter 5: Chase’s Choices

Miles’ brother, Oliver
(Age 5)

Chase is struggling with thoughts of what to do with the twins (in more ways than one). He knows he can’t do anything help save them without the help of someone else. But who else can he confide in?

We learn even more about Chase, his family, and his living situation. We also learn more about Chase’s best friend Miles and his family, meeting his two highly excitable, adorable younger brothers and his mother, Elaine.

Elaine likes Chase and will do anything she can to help the adorable blonde football kid out when his chips are down. After all, she remembers when the boy was in diapers.

Miles’ brother, Jacob
(Age 4)

Steve and Iris discuss some exciting ideas about Dylan’s future with Hazel in a hopes to be able to help the boy. But how realistic are these ideas? It would be nice to hope that Dylan can find a happy ending somewhere.

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