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Mr Berrycloth gets called back in to work, leaving young Dylan and Mrs Berrycloth to bond a little.

Dominic has plans to take his new little brother to see Tyler’s new puppies. However, this little outing doesn’t quite go as planned. The pair also find a new favourite pastime.

Cole Jordan Walker
(Age 10)
Hunter Brixton Brown (Age 11)
Hunter Brixton Brown
(Age 11)

We are introduced to Hunter and Cole, long time best friends and newly turned lovers. We meet their parents, too, each of which are single parents and friends through proxy of their boys. The two boys, however, don’t seem to be very good at hiding their relationship with one another.

After getting the required permission from his somewhat overprotective mother, Hunter meets with his boyfriend, Cole and Cole’s his father to go catch a movie together.

Dylan’s new social worker, Hazel prepares for her appointment with the boy and the rest of the Berrycloth family. She has a plan to help little Dylan. However, these same plans threaten the immediate end of his relationship with Dominic.

Tyler Jones’ new puppies

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