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Chapter 15: Second Date

Oscar Charles Anderson
Oscar Charles Anderson

As we slowly become to come full circle and catch up with the main storyline, we pick up from the antics of four boys (2 couples) who decided to become “Boyfriends” in Chapter 8.

No only that, but we will also be seeing what Dylan and Michael are up to and what that pesky Ruth is up to, also.

What Chase saw when he opened his door.
Oscar Charles Anderson
What Chase saw when he opened his door:
Oscar Charles Anderson

I want to apologise for the disgustingly long amount of time that this chapter has taken to release. But there’s just been some life stuff.

However, thank you so much to those of you who have reached out to me regularly to make sure that I was okay and that helped me through some struggles. You all know who you are 🥰

Check out The Timeline So Far to make sure you have all your facts in check. If you have any curiosities on how my CRaAzyYy timeline works, you should definitely check it out. I’ll try and keep it updated too.

Finally, here’s some pictures of Chase’s boyfriend (from Chapter 8: Boyfriends), Oscar.

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