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Chapter 14: Investigation

A Slightly Younger Picture Of Michael Carter
(Age 12)

Dylan’s current foster family gets scrutinised by Child Protective services.

The scared young 8-year-old boy has to find the courage to talk about some very tough topics to people who he doesn’t even know. However, young Dylan is astute and notices something about one of the men that makes all the difference.

What will happen after the investigation?

Will Dylan be left in an even worse position that before or will he finally manage to get some respite? Thing’s haven’t seemed to be going great so far for the poor kid and he’s going to need some form of miracle to get himself out of the horrible situation that he is in.

We also catch up with another of our boys and start to learn a little more about his relationships as our timelines finally begin to catch up and merge together, hopefully answering even more questions.

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