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Chapter 13: Anger Management

Michael Carter (Age 13)
Michael Carter (Age 13)

Dylan finds himself pitted in a war against the very people he lives with. The twins, Ben and George, are fed up with the boy’s lack of willingness to participate in socialisation with them. The spiteful boys finally decide that enough was enough.

After setting young Dylan up for a disgusting prank, Dylan finds himself needing to escape the new home he hates so much. However, when he finally finds a nice, quiet place to start getting his thoughts together, he is rudely disrupted by an older boy who simply just won’t leave him alone.

As time goes by, we learn a little more about the further trauma that Dylan has experienced and is the new traumas he is experiencing.

Dylan’s new friend drops a surprising revelation on him and Dylan, being the soft soul he is, takes a unique and interesting approach to help his new friend understand his true feeling and emotions.

Dylan continues to wrestle with his the hate and anger left behind by the emptiness of his twin brother’s passing. He finds a little respite in being around his new friend. However, it is clear that the young boy is not in a stable mental state and seems to be losing his sweet innocence while he wrestles with the dark demons of hatred that are brewing inside of him as they slowly turn him into something/someone he is not.

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