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Bestest grammars ever!
Bestest grammars ever!

So, I’m a stupid little ninja. I kinda submitted the unedited version of Care – Chapter 10 and… WOW is the grammar disgustingly bad. I have only just recovered from violently throwing up and the migraine it gave me. It’s shocking!

I have submitted the fixed version to Nifty. However, the archivist doesn’t usually add them until gone 00:30 (GMT/UTC).

For anyone who has already read it, I am soo sorry. I swear to god I can actually do gud grammars sumtymes.

For those who haven’t read it yet (22nd January 2023), I would suggest either waiting for the archivist to update it or reading it on AO3. Because, well, the terrible grammar will cause your brain to blead and your eyeballs to pop our through your butthole… It really is that bad.


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